Interior Walls

Interior Walls

Better walls from the inside out

Air leakage due to poorly insulated walls compromises your building envelope. DuPont's insulation and weatherization solutions for interior walls work as an integrated system, increasing your building’s thermal performance and reducing air and moisture intrusion.



Interior Insulation

DuPont's interior insulation solutions can help you achieve continuous insulation for your building. By covering the entire wall surface, not just the spaces between the framing studs, this type of insulation enhances the overall comfort and energy efficiency of your building.

For buildings that require continuous wall insulation to meet increasing energy requirements, our solutions offer you one easy-to-install package.


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Air Sealing

The small air leaks and cracks found inside a typical building can add up to big energy losses. Our insulating foam sealants offer a quick and convenient solution for effectively blocking air leaks that can also allow entry of dirt, moisture, allergens and pests, resulting in a more comfortable, energy efficient building.


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