The solution to a tighter building envelope is right under your feet. Under insulated floors can lead to significant heat losses and reduce the livability of your space. Dow flooring products add energy efficiency and comfort to your building for years to come.





By including in the floor construction a layer of thermal insulation continuous with that in the rest of the building envelope, heat loss is reduced and thermal bridges at the junction of the floors and walls are avoided. Dow Extruded Polystyrene foam products as FLOORMATE and STYROFOAM™ brand insulation are a cost-effective solution for improving the thermal performance of residential and commercial floor applications. With its high-compressive strength and minimum deformation, STYROFOAM™ offers durability and long-term energy efficiency.

  • Long-term high insulation value
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Easy and fast installation



In self-contained dwellings FLOORMATE™-A insulation can support the design load when:

  • sited above a groundbearing slab and covered with suitable plywood, chipboard or screed
  • sited below a groundbearing slab and receiving the dead load of the slab and the loading transferred through the slab
  • laid on timber decking and covered with suitable plywood or chipboard.

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For buildings other than dwellings the correct grade of FLOORMATE™-A insulation should be selected on the basis of an assessment of the loading by a structural engineer. The maximum acceptable load on FLOORMATE™-A insulation products is the design load together with a suitable safety factor.

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