Dow UK wins prestigious innovation award for XENERGY™ roofing insulation

Dow Building Solutions has scooped the prestigious Chemical Industries Association innovation award for the development of XENERGY™, a new generation insulation material.

Diamond House, Lotus Park, Kingsbury Crescent, Staines, Middlesex - February 15, 2016 - XENERGY™, the product of many years of development, has better insulation performance thanks to the addition of infra-red blocking particles to scatter and reflect heat radiation within the foam board. The product sets a new standard for the market. The result is reduced heat transfer during winter to keep a building warm, as well as in summer to keep it cool.

Chris Gimson, commercial director for Dow Building Solutions said: "Dow is renowned for its ability to respond to market needs and legislative demands through advances made in the technical capabilities of its STYROFOAM™ extruded polystyrene insulation. This new material represents a further step-change in our responsiveness, and it has been a real team effort developing and bringing XENERGY™ to market and making this new product such a success."

During 2015, XENERGY™ SL will fully replace the well-known STYROFOAM™ ROOFMATE SL-A product. With its commercial roll-out, Dow has set a new standard for inverted roof insulation. XENERGY™ SL offers architects the durability and strength of STYROFOAM™ extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation with a number of unique benefits. In the past three months it has already been specified for use in the construction of a number of significant commercial and residential projects around the UK.

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Dow Building Solutions is a division of The Dow Chemical Company. The UK business supplies systems and products which help construction professionals to design and build energy efficient, high performance buildings from residential to commercial, supporting the Green Deal, The Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM and Passivhaus design criteria.

The product range includes XENERGY™ extruded polystyrene insulation in steel grey, STYROFOAM™ blue extruded foamed polystyrene insulation, GREAT STUFF™ polyurethane foam sealant, FROTH-PAK™ polyurethane foam spray systems, INSTA-STIK™ polyurethane adhesives and a range of accessories.

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