In the early 1930s, when many types of plastics were simply laboratory curiosities, a few Dow researchers were investigating a curious new material called polystyrene. One day, a researcher performed an experiment to make a more flexible polystyrene. As a result of the experiment a new technology was formed. And luckily those early Dow researchers could see the humble birth of a new product in the plastic foam lying on the laboratory bench.

The first sales of foam were to the military and the product was used for flotation devices and bridges during World War II, chosen for its resistance to water, its lightweight and buoyancy.

The first major construction application, in 1948,was for a cold storage warehouse at the Stroh Brewery in Detroit. Dow ultimately named this product STYROFOAM™, the first extruded polystyrene material.

This long-standing solution to provide energy efficient insulation has stood the test of time. Our goal moving forward is to continue providing homeowners with the warmer, more comfortable homes via products that protect against air and water infiltration from foundation to lid.


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