Fotograv Reaches Color Complexity, Workflow Simplicity with New DuPont™ Cyrel® EASY Platform

Case Study

In such a competitive environment as the Flexographic market, differentiation is a great challenge. The technology has grown so much over the years and discussions are no longer focused only on quality. Factors such as productivity, repeatability, the lowest setup cost per machine and the possibility of exploring the lowest possible dot in the plate are critical.

As part of their commitment to driving innovation, Fotograv invests in various prepress technology offerings, made available to its customers. These are the most advanced products for the sector. Although they were finding high quality products that adhere to their current processes, they were still missing a simplification in prepress that could maintain or even surpass the level of quality required. They also needed a solution that enabled them to minimize process time and variables involved in the platemaking steps.


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