Impact Innovations - That’s a Wrap: With DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST Round, Every Day is a Holiday in Memphis

Case Study

With an increased focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship goals, Impact Innovations wanted to invest in technologies that provided them the precision of gravure, but with a shorter lead time and minimal environmental footprint.


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Cyrel® Flexo Plates 

DuPont; Cyrel®; flexo plates deliver higher quality at higher speeds in a wide range of package printing applications.

Flat Top Dot Workflow Solutions 

DuPont offers two flat top dot workflow solutions: Cyrel®; DigiFlow and Cyrel®; DigiCorr

Cyrel® Platemaking Equipment 

Cyrel®; flexographic platemaking solutions include processors, exposure units, and dryers for solvent and thermal processing environments

Cyrel® Round Systems 

Cyrel®; Round Systems offer a complete digital flexographic sleeve production solution that delivers highly precise registration and eye-catching print quality.

Cyrel® Solvent Workflow

The Cyrel®; solvent workflow consists of flexographic photopolymer plates and sleeves, platemaking equipment and washout solutions