Marine Safety

Safety Onboard and at Port

Our products and services are committed to protect, identify, reduce, and eliminate maritime-related hazards in the industry.

DuPont leads in safety, offering world class training and consulting to workers in shipyards, ports and onboard, as well as a wide range of materials that help keep your vessel and people safe and sound in the marine industry.

  • Safety consulting and training

DuPont provides expert consulting and training solutions to help clients shape and implement their strategic vision in workplace safety, as well as reduce injury rates and environmental footprint in shipbuilding and equipment manufacturing companies.

-    Safer workplaces, safer passengers and employees
-    Cost saving through reduced injuries, corporate and personal liabilities
-    Sustainability leadership

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  • Personal protection

DuPont™ Tyvek®, DuPont™ Nomex® and DuPont™ Kevlar® provide a complete line of apparel designed to protect workers, products and processes from harmful materials as well as cuts, extreme temperature and fire.

-    Breathable garments for optimum comfort
-    Optimal protection against harmful materials
-    Long wear life
-    Highly resistant to abrasion, tear cut, temperature and fire.

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  • Fire extinguishing activities

When fighting a flammable liquid fire, every second counts. Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AFFF) made with DuPont™ Capstone® and DuPont™ Forafac® telomer surfactant additives provide excellent extinguishing and burn-back performance on all types of Class-B polar liquid and hydrocarbon fires.

-    Speeds extinguishing time by avoiding fuel vapors emission
-    Significantly reduces the risk of burn back and reignition
-    Maintains thermal and chemical stability of the foam in contact with hydrocarbons
-    With the addition of a polymer such as polysaccharide, it increases stability on polar liquids

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  • Authentication solutions

DuPont holds a complete portfolio of anti-counterfeit solutions for parts controls and employee identity verification. DuPont™ Izon® offers a flexible technology with a personalized design and best-in-class overt and covert platforms, plus track-and-trace technology, for optimum brand protection and authentication.

-    Overt Solutions: world-class deep 3D hologram imaging with a readily visible identification system
-    Covert Solutions: not visible to the eye; using invisible inks/varnishes; new technologies such as 2D UV barcodes
-    Track and Trace: using numerical serialization, standard or 2D barcodes for detailed product tracking throughout the supply chain
-    Customized solutions to incorporate multi-layer security elements

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  • Increased safety for chemicals

DuPont™ Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer O-ring is perfect for mechanical seals and valves. It is the most durable sealing technology in the market. Applicable in a wide temperature range (0 - 300 °C), it ensures outstanding chemical resistance in aggressive environment such as steam, amines and acids.

-    Long life span
-    Heat and chemical resistance
-    Reduced risk of sealing failure and swelling

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  • Long lasting oils & greases

A non-flammable and chemically-inert solution for lubricating oils and greases. Odor-free and non-migrating, DuPont™ Krytox® lubricants achieve extreme performance in extreme conditions.

-    Potential to lubricate for whole vessel lifetime
-    Reduced maintenance requirements
-    Improved lubrication, eliminates squeaks and rattles in fixtures and fittings

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