Helping Automakers Control Car Manufacturing Costs

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DuPont Crastin® PBT resin enables direct metallization of automotive headlamp bezels


Keeping Car Manufacturing Costs in Check

Compliance with ever-more-stringent regulatory requirements costs real money. Each new requirement must be integrated into vehicle production in a cost-effective manner. DuPont is working with automakers to control car manufacturing costs with solutions that help to cut process time, achieve process cost reductions, shed weight and improve performance.

Bring DuPont in on the Ground Floor

DuPont has significant expertise in going from “art to part.” When the objective is to lower car manufacturing costs, it pays to engage DuPont in the design process early, so the automaker gets the benefit of DuPont insight. DuPont experts can help mitigate car manufacturing costs with optimum material selection and insight into the process of integrating functions. It may even be possible to eliminate certain parts entirely, reducing inventory, shipping and sub-assembly costs.

Automotive Lighting Innovation

Automotive headlamps – a significant opportunity to add personality to vehicle styling – can be manufactured more cost effectively through a new “Design-Materials-Processing” solution developed by DuPont Automotive. A combination of new DuPont Crastin® PBT polyester resin, innovative manufacturing techniques plus design and development support enables direct metallization of automotive headlamp bezels, the trim ring that not only supports the headlamp, but provides distinction in design. Commercial on more than 140 vehicle lines and 11 million vehicles on the road around the world, the “art-to-part” development process is “proven and poised” to help ensure cost-effective, smooth product launches.

Protection From the Assembly Line to the Showroom

To help protect the vehicle from point of production to customer delivery, automakers choose DuPont Tyvek® protective covers. Tyvek® transcovers are breathable, so the car coating can continue curing through completion — within the cover. And Tyvek® helps protect against aggressive substances like acid rain, bird drops and dust particles.

More DuPont Solutions for Controlling Car Manufacturing Costs

DuPont Pyralux® flexible circuit materials help automotive engineers achieve lighter circuit boards.

At DuPont we’re about using science to transform challenges into innovation. Here are some of the initiatives we’re working on with our auto industry collaborators.