For the body shop or trim shop, our structural and elastic adhesives align with a wide range of manufacturing processes

For bonding important structural components of a vehicle at the body-in-white stage, we offer both polyurethane- and epoxy-based structural adhesives. Both enable lightweight multi-material designs, better strength, and improved durability.


Stronger adhesives make stronger vehicles

When every kilogram counts, our adhesives provide measurable advantages–including strength–especially for lightweight multi-material designs. The continuous bond lines help retain the integrity of the substrates while joining dissimilar materials that cannot support mechanical fasteners or welds. 

Enhanced structural strength also contributes to better safety, handling, and acoustical performance which improves the driving experience. 

We customize adhesive solutions to achieve specific benefits for exact applications, including:

• Structural bonding of floorpans and frame structures – for strength, durability, crashworthiness, and anti-vibration
• Seam sealing–to reduce intrusion of fumes, dirt, and corrosion-causing moisture


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