A clean, quiet cabin is highly valued among today’s drivers, making acoustics and sealing more important than ever

Our growing portfolio of adhesives offers sealers that block noise and environmental contaminants, while improving durability and corrosion resistance for various substrates, including composites, plastic substrates, aluminum, and coated metals.


Making vehicles more durable, inside and out

The best closures usually go unnoticed because success lies in what they keep out of the vehicle. Dirt, moisture, road noise, salt, and other corrosive materials have no place in the passenger cabin and adhesives offer the best long-term solution. Typical application areas include:

• Hem flange bonding
• Door inners and outers
• Roof panel inners and outers
• Deck lid inners and outers

Adhesives and sealants also enable reduced vibration and sound, contributing to a quieter interior. Vehicle designers can achieve better aerodynamics and freedom in complex, intricate part design because adhesives enable a durable, lasting bond. 


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