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From the very first glass bonding system to the latest modular assembly, our adhesives deliver high performance and long-lasting results

Automotive adhesives are the solution of choice when an application requires strong joints without perforating substrates, a certain amount of flexibility to accommodate movement such as material expansion, protection from corrosion or the elements, and durability. Our experienced team can help you do all this – and more.


Adhesives deliver strong results

By enabling lightweight multi-material substrate joining within existing manufacturing assembly processes, adhesives are a cost-effective technology. Also, they can help automotive manufacturers and suppliers meet existing and upcoming global regulations for fuel efficiency and CO₂ emissions.

Our solutions also enable:

• Increased load-bearing capability
• Improved safety and crash behavior
• Reduced vibration and noise
• Optimized vehicle driving/handling
• Better durability
• Manufacturing efficiency

Our technology was the first used to bond windshields and we’ve continued to innovate and advance automotive adhesives through materials science, testing, and collaborative experience. 



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Battery assembly

Our adhesives eliminate heavier mechanical fasteners, add structural stability, and support thermal management

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Our structural and elastic adhesives strengthen vehicle structure and align with a wide range of manufacturing processes

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Our adhesives seal out noise and environmental contaminants while improving durability and corrosion resistance

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Glass bonding

Our glass bonding systems are used by global customers for the structural bonding and sealing of stationary vehicle glass


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Modular assembly

Our adhesives enable lightweight modular assemblies, including composite and metal-plastic hybrid substrates and reinforcements


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