<h2><p style="color:white">DuPont Continues Journey to Deliver Safer-by-Design Innovations with Formulation of Non-Halogen DuPont™ Thermax™ Insulation </h2>

Press Release | June 7, 2022

New Thermax™ Non-Halogen (NH) Insulation Series has achieved a Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List Approved designation

Supports company’s Safer by Design 2030 Sustainability Goal to design products and processes using green chemistry principles

WILMINGTON, Del., June 7, 2022 – DuPont Performance Building Solutions today announced its reformulation of Thermax™ polyisocyanurate insulation to remove halogenated flame retardants. This new product formulation is another step in DuPont’s journey to deliver “safer-by-design” innovations. 

"DuPont is proactively leading this reformulation in support of the company’s Safer by Design 2030 Sustainability Goal"

Kieran Carlisle, DuPont Performance Building Solutions Global Innovation Leader


“DuPont is proactively leading this reformulation in support of the company’s Safer by Design 2030 Sustainability Goal,” said Kieran Carlisle, DuPont Performance Building Solutions global innovation leader. “This innovation advances our business sustainability vision, which includes a Safer by Design commitment to collaborate with our customers and key partners to bring green chemistry innovations to market and drive continued reduction in the presence of priority substances in our portfolio.”

With this reformulation, DuPont is the first Class A polyisocyanurate (polyiso) sheathing manufacturer to phase out the halogenated flame retardants commonly used in building insulation polyurethane foams. The resulting Thermax™ Non-Halogen (NH) Series products represent the first polyiso, Class A, non-halogen and LBC Red List Approved products in the North American above-grade commercial wall systems market.

“We are committed to voluntarily providing transparency documents for products in our portfolio,” Carlisle added. “Hand in hand with the reformulation of our Thermax™ line, we have been working with a third-party, GreenCircle Certified LLC, to validate the ingredients in our products as well as providing our customers a Declare label via International Living Future Institute (ILFI). Both our Declare and GreenCircle certifications will be available at: Declare: https://declare.living-future.org/  and GreenCircle: https://db.greencirclecertified.com/

Thermax™ NH Series has achieved an LBC Red List Approved designation, meaning 99% ingredients present and disclosed, at or above 100 ppm in the final product, do not contain any Red List chemicals. This designation can be used to obtain LEED v4 and v4.1 credit.

To request more information on LEED v4.0 and v4.1 credits for the Thermax™ NH Series please visit: https://www.dupont.com/building/leed-contact-us.html

DuPont™ Thermax™ NH Insulation

With its unique glass fiber-reinforced foam core and high R-value, Thermax™ has a long history of making buildings more comfortable, while helping reduce building energy use, and the carbon footprint. They are specially designed for use as both exterior continuous insulation and interior finish systems for walls and ceilings. Facers can be pressure-washed and protect the boards from job-site damage. Thermax™ NH Series products maintain the same exceptional quality and thermal performance as the original, in a Class A, non-halogen, safer-by-design formulation. Additional benefits include:

  • Consistent, high performance R-value at both 75°F and 40°F  
  • Can be left exposed on interior walls and ceilings without a thermal barrier (UL 1715)
  • Low VOC, HFC free, zero ODP

To learn more about the reformulated products and DuPont’s powerhouse portfolio of solutions to protect all six sides of the building envelope, visit https://www.dupont.com/building/thermax-nh.html. For more information on DuPont Performance Building Solutions and Corian® Design’s sustainability goals, visit DuPont.com/building/sustainability.


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