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How Building Envelope Design Can Help Reduce Operating Costs


An air tight Building Envelope design can be a cost-effective way to reduce long-term operating costs and increase energy efficiency for commercial buildings.

One of the easiest things commercial builders, installers and specifiers can do to significantly increase building performance and lower total operating cost is choose DuPont™ Tyvek® products for the building envelope design, right from the start.

Savings By the Numbers

It’s been estimated that 30%-50% of the HVAV energy use in commercial buildings is wasted through air leakage, costing the commercial sector billions each year.*


A 2005 National Institute of Standards and Technology energy simulation study indicated that buildings with an air and water barrier system, such as DuPont™ Tyvek® CommercialWrap®, Tyvek® CommercialWrap® D, or Tyvek® Fluid Applied WB, can reduce building air leakage by as much as 85%, realizing up to 40% savings in natural gas, and up to 25% savings in electricity, annually.*

More recently, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) demonstrated the effectiveness of a continuous air barrier in achieving an airtight building envelope through a verification program that included whole- building airtightness testing.

Three Key Advantages

Tyvek® commercial air and water barriers make a valuable contribution to the building envelope design in three important ways.

  • Helping prevent air movement into the wall and out of the building.
  • Holding out bulk water.
  • Allowing moisture vapor to escape.

For insulation to perform to its installed R-value, it’s essential that the air surrounding it remain free of movement.  It’s also essential that the insulation itself remain dry.  By preventing air and bulk water intrusion into the wall system, DuPont commercial air and water barrier products help enable insulation to perform to its installed R-value.

And because DuPont™ Tyvek® products are vapor permeable, they help ensure faster drying time if any moisture does find its way into the wall assembly.  All of which helps reduce the energy needed to heat and cool the building, contributing to a more sustainable, more energy-efficient structure, year after year.

A Smart Choice for Contractors

Commercial construction projects often involve complex, long-term working relationships among building professionals and owners. Delivering projects that meet or exceed specifications and reduce maintenance and energy costs over time is a value-add for both contractors and clients. In addition, the right building envelope design can eliminate costly rework, and may even help lead to repeat business.

Anywhere, Any Clime

DuPont Building Envelope system products offer a broad range of application options that work with a wide variety of commercial facades and wall systems.  Everything from stucco, stone and marble, to metal panels, brick, granite and EIFS (synthetic stucco).

The need for lower cost of ownership doesn’t vary by region or climate.  Neither does the performance of DuPont Building Envelope system products.  With their unique balance of properties, they are equally effective across a wide range of challenging environments and climates, helping to ensure energy efficiency, and savings, in all seasons and conditions.

Preserving Interior Air Quality

In addition to helping increase energy efficiency, DuPont Building Envelope system products can also help improve interior air quality.  By holding out bulk water and allowing water vapor to escape, they help prevent conditions that can lead to mold.

With their contributions to improved energy efficiency and air quality, DuPont Building Envelope system products can also help contribute towards U.S. Green Building Council LEED® points, by establishing a healthier, more sustainable, more durable commercial structure, that can operate efficiently for years to come.

Trustworthy Products and Service

All DuPont Building Envelope system products are backed by a 10-year limited warranty.  They’re also backed by the support of the DuPont™ Tyvek® Specialist Network, an elite team of highly trained specialists who provide on-site training and expertise to ensure proper installation and performance.  Your local DuPont™ Tyvek® Specialist can also help you stay abreast of emerging best practices and specifications, with AIA-CES and CSI-CEN Learning Units covering a broad range of continuing education topics.

A Complete System

DuPont Building Envelope system products form a complete line of air and water barriers, flashing systems and accessories, including:

DuPont is committed to developing innovative products and systems that advance building envelope design, and help reduce building energy use and cost over time.

*NISTIR 7238 U.S. Department of Energy, June 2005, by S.J. Emmerich, T. McDowell and W. Ains.