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Fluid Applied Air Barrier Membranes: Advances and Applications

The American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System

Provider: DuPont Building Innovations
Length: 1 hour
Program #: Fluid Applied
Credits: 1 LU Hour
Program: Fluid Applied Air Barrier Membranes: Advances and Applications

Today’s buildings are responsible for 38% of the world’s energy usage, causing the demand for highly energy efficient and durable buildings to increase. One of the key elements in a highly energy efficient and durable building envelope is a continuous air barrier and water barrier system.

There are several different types of air barrier membranes that are commonly used in the industry, although fluid applied air barriers continue to increase in popularity. There are hundreds of fluid applied air barrier products currently available and they vary greatly in thickness and formulation. As commercial buildings become more energy efficient and complex, the need for a “high performance” fluid air barrier system is increasing.

This presentation will discuss some of the key differences and performance advantages of these new high performance air barrier chemical formulations in contrast to traditional fluid applied air barrier formulations.

Learning Objectives: After attending this seminar, you will be able to:

  1. Discuss the impact of air leakage on building performance
  2. Distinguish between Fluid Applied Air Barrier technical properties using their formulation chemistries
  3. Design building envelope systems with a Fluid Applied Air Barrier
  4. Specify a Fluid Applied Air Barrier System to meet your project’s performance requirements

Target Audience: Architects, Design Professionals, Specifiers, Owners, Contractors, Code Officials, Building Envelope Consultants, and Students. This program meets every experience level with time designed into the program for questions and answers.