DuPont™ GreenVista®

Chemical free landscaping

From high quality, chemical free landscape fabrics and root barrier solutions to surfacing solutions, DuPont™ GreenVista® offers a complete range of smart products for professionals.

Weed control fabrics are increasingly popular as a low-maintenance and eco-friendly alternative to herbicides when it comes to managing unwanted growth for a range of residential and non-residential applications. When it comes to selecting a landscape fabric, however, one can be confronted with a bewildering choice – and it’s important to understand that not all products are the same.

Reasons to make DuPont™ Greenvista® landscape fabrics your preferred choice:

  • Help to reduce the use of chemicals in landscaping
  • Highly efficient weed and root resistance due to thermal bonding product technology
  • Maintain their performance over long life time
  • No risk of any substance release from the material
  • Quick and easy installation: can be cut to required dimensions by scissors or cutters without risk of fiber release from material over time
  • Very strong and durable
  • Water, air and nutrient permeable
  • Less mulch or any other top layer is required, as the fabric prevents the mulch mixing with the soil
  • Less maintenance required in green areas
  • Stable in all types of soil (acid and alkaline)