Cyrel® Platemaking Equipment

Innovative Cyrel® Flexographic Platemaking Equipment

At DuPont Packaging Graphics, we understand the challenges you face. That’s why we offer a vast array of innovative Cyrel® flexographic platemaking solutions that address your need for productivity, quality and sustainability.

Cyrel® flexographic platemaking equipment provides the highest system value for the printing and package printing industries by delivering excellent quality and enabling fast turnaround times from design to final package.

Whether you are working in a solvent process environment or a dry, thermal process environment, we offer the high-quality flexographic equipment you need, including:

  • Processors
  • Exposure units
  • Dryers
  • Combo units (dryer/light finisher/post-exposure and exposure/light finisher/post-exposure)

Equipment is available for small, medium and large-format flexo plates.

Cyrel® 1000 Series Equipment

Designed for tag & label and small flexible printing applications, Cyrel® 1000 Series equipment has a maximum useful size of 35.4 in. x 47.2 in. (900 mm x 1,200 mm).

Cyrel® 2000 Series Equipment

Well suited for package printing applications such as beverage cartons and flexible packaging, Cyrel® 2000 Series equipment is capable of handling flexo plates up to 42 in. x 60 in. (1,070 mm x 1,530 mm).

Cyrel® 3000 Series Equipment

Ideal for flexible packaging and other large-format package printing applications, Cyrel® 3000 series equipment is designed to accommodate flexo plates up to 52 in. x 80 in. (1,320 mm x 2,032 mm).

Next-Generation Flexographic Platemaking Equipment

The Cyrel® FAST system is a revolutionary flexographic platemaking technology that offers enhanced pressroom productivity.

This next-generation flexographic platemaking equipment uses a dry thermal technology for plate development, completely eliminating conventional solvents and aqueous washout solutions. In addition to providing environmental and health benefits, the Cyrel® FAST system reduces plate processing times by up to 300%.

Ongoing Technical Support

Cyrel® flexographic platemaking equipment is backed by one of the largest technical support organizations in the industry. Our team of experts is available to provide you with the support you need—before, during and after installation.

From our comprehensive Cyrel® equipment service to our on-request and custom-designed Cyrel® training programs, you can count on us to help you achieve peak performance with your flexographic platemaking equipment. 

Cyrel® Platemaking Equipment for all Cyrel® plates and sleeves
Equipment Name Equipment Type DATA SHEETS
Maximum plate size 900 mm x 1,200 mm (36" x 48")
Cyrel® 1000 ECLF
Exposure, light finisher and post-exposure [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® DigiFlow 1000 ECLF Exposure, light finisher and post-exposure [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® 1000 ECDLF Exposure, light finisher, dryer and post-exposure [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® 1000 P Solvent processor [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® FAST 1001 TD Solvent-free processor [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® 1000 D Dryer [DOWNLOAD]
Maximum plate size 1,067 mm x 1,524 mm (42" x 60")
Cyrel® 2000 ECLF Exposure, light finisher and post-exposure [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® DigiFlow 2000 EC Exposure unit [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® DigiFlow 2000 ECLF Exposure unit [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® 2000 PS Solvent processor [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® FAST 2000 TD Solvent-free processor [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® 2000 D Dryer [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® 2000 LF Light finisher [DOWNLOAD]
Maximum plate size 1,320 mm x 2,030 mm (52 inch x 80 inch)
Cyrel® 3000 EC Exposure unit [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® DigiFlow 3000 ETL Exposure unit top lift [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® 3000 ETL-i Exposure unit top lift [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® 3000 PS Solvent processor [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® FAST 3000 TD Large format, solvent-free processor
Cyrel® 3000 D Dryer [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® 3000 LF Light finisher [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® 3000 Modular InLiner Processor, dryer, light finisher and stacker [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® Round Equipment
Cyrel® Round FR 1450 FAST thermal sleeve exposure [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® Round EX 1450 FAST thermal sleeve processor [DOWNLOAD]
Cyrel® Round LF 1450 FAST thermal sleeve light finisher [DOWNLOAD]