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Engineered to help walls stand up to the weather

Applied over sheathing in residential walls, Weathermate™ Housewrap covers cracks and gaps between sheets of wood panel sheathing. A breathable, translucent material, it features microsize pores that allow vapors to escape.


Weathermate™ Housewrap

Weathermate™ Housewrap is a tough-woven, micro-perforated polyolefin-based wrap, designed specifically for builders who prefer to use a non-insulating sheathing without sacrificing the superior performance and integrity needed in housewrap applications. Weathermate™ Housewrap is specially engineered to maximize a home’s weather defense between the cladding and wall assembly, helping to ensure years of comfort for homeowners.


Features & benefits

Quiet installation
  • Can be used under almost all-weather conditions
  • Enhanced productivity

    Physical Properties

      Method Unit Value
    Tear Strength - Machine Direction<sup></sup> ASTM D1117 lbs >25
    Tear Strength - Cross Direction<sup></sup> ASTM D1117 lbs >20
    Puncture<sup></sup> Beach in-lb. >90
    Water Vapor Permeance<sup></sup> ASTM E96A perm >5
    Water Vapor Transmission<sup></sup> ASTM E96A g/m2 /24 hrs >35
    Air Leakage Resistance<sup></sup> ASTM E283 cfm/ft2 0.01 w/ sheathing
    Air Porosity<sup></sup> TAPPI T460 seconds/100cc 14.4
    Surface Burning Characteristics<sup></sup> - Smoke Developed Index <450
    ASTM E84 Flame Spread Index <25
    Tensile Strength - Machine Direction<sup></sup> ASTM D882 lbs/in >35
    Tensile Strength - Cross Direction<sup></sup> ASTM D882 lbs/in >30

    Available Sizes

    Roll width (ft.) Roll length (ft.) Roll coverage (ft.<sup>2</sup>)
    9 150 1350