Powertrain & Thermal Systems


Every powertrain and thermal system component is a candidate for better efficiency, functionality, and cost. We can help.

Materials play a critical role in helping reduce emissions, boost fuel economy, and improve efficiency and safety in powertrain technologies. We offer a broad portfolio of solutions that are capable of withstanding today’s harsh environments. Our experienced global development team will help ensure that today’s solutions are on the road tomorrow…and for years to come.


Handling today’s hotter-running engines

Modern engines generate more heat and involve more aggressive gases, fluids, and acidic gas/air mixtures, often under high pressure. Many traditional materials can no longer perform in these much hotter, confined, and stressed environments.

We offer plastics and elastomers solutions for key powertrain and thermal management systems backed by extensive materials development and testing. Our goal is to help our customers reduce vehicle weight, beat the heat, and meet legislation requirements for particulates and carbon dioxide emissions reduction. 



Air ducts icon

Air ducts, hoses, & resonators

Our materials withstand mechanical stress, temperature extremes, and harsh chemical environments for the vehicle’s lifetime

Charge Air Coolers  icon

Charge air coolers

Solutions that address wide temperature variations, hot air under pressure, vibration, and mechanical stress

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Driveline components

Improve efficiency by reducing friction and wear with our solutions for driveline components

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Engine components

Solutions for lightweight, efficient engine components that resist temperature, pressure, and chemicals


Fuel & Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems icon

Fuel & selective catalytic reduction systems

We offer a range of materials with good mechanical properties and high compatibility with urea solutions

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Powersports vehicles

Materials to advance the performance of powersport vehicles, including motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, and UTVs

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Propulsion cooling

We offer materials with good dimensional stability and chemical resistance for propulsion cooling

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Seals & gaskets

Improve durability with cost-effective solutions that accommodate a broad range of temperatures and chemical exposures


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We offer the industry's broadest range of plastics and elastomers for key air management applications