Enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions with improved ride and less maintenance

Shape the future of everyday mobility with high-efficiency engine system design. For meeting ever-higher levels of fuel efficiency and more stringent targets for emissions-reduction, our innovation, experience and expertise can help. Going forward, collaborative problem-solving can help meet key design challenges in gas and diesel engines and HEV/EV propulsion systems. We have solutions to help enable innovative technologies for advanced stop-start motors to increase performance and reduce warranty and maintenance costs.

MOLYKOTE™ Specialty Lubricants

  • Anti-friction coatings on engine parts (piston skirts and rings, fasteners) and metallic gaskets
  • Greases for start-stop motors, starter motor over-running clutches, gears and bearings
  • Anti-seize pastes for assembly fasteners and inaccessible parts
  • Lubrication of transmission and ball joints to reduce driveline friction and wear