Energy Efficient Homes

Energy Efficient Homes | DuPont™ Tyvek®

Innovation inside: weather barriers for energy efficient homes

Rising energy costs and increasingly stringent codes and standards are making high-performance, energy efficient homes and commercial buildings a priority.

DuPont Building Envelope systems provide an integrated solution, with science-based products, for the next generation of energy efficient construction.

The science of sustainable construction

For more than 30 years, DuPont Building Envelope systems have combined world class material science with extensive building science, to create advanced products.

DuPontTyvek® weather barriers provide a balance of properties that lead to better wall assembly performance. They are durable, providing excellent tear strength and UV resistance during construction. They hold out air and bulk water to help keep drafts from lessening the effectiveness of insulation and lessen the risk of costly water damage. They are also vapor- permeable, allowing moisture vapor to escape, so walls can dry faster to help prevent mold, rot and corrosion.

Most products rate high in only one or two properties. For example, an increase in vapor permeability is achieved at the expense of performance in air and/or water resistance. Conversely, an increase in air and/or water resistance is achieved at the expense of performance in vapor permeability.

DuPontTyvek® weather barriers give you the best balance of properties to help create durable, energy efficient homes and commercial buildings.

A recognized leader

DuPont continues to innovate, working with specifiers and construction professionals to help create more durable, high-performance, energy efficient new construction and remodeling projects.

Here are a few key facts about DuPont Building Envelope systems:

  • Our materials help meet requirements for the National Green Building Standard(Contribute toward U.S. Green Building Council LEED® points).
  • Tyvek® HomeWrap® received the Green Builder Media Readers Choice Award for 2012 in the building wrap category.

Full system solutions

DuPont weatherization products are designed to work together as a complete system, to help protect the building structure more effectively against air and water.

By establishing a continuous air and water barrier, Tyvek® wraps and flashing products can effectively reduce air infiltration and exfiltration, which helps HVAC systemswork more efficiently.  U.S. Department of Energy data shows that, on average, HVAC systems account for 37% of building energy use, so helping them work better can make a significant differencein energy efficiency – and costs.

Just as important, Tyvek® products reduce air movement inside the wall system. That helps cut down on drafts, which can have a negative effect on the installed R-value of many types of cavity insulation.

Options, Options, Options

DuPont Building Envelope systems include many innovative product options designed to work in all climates, and behind most cladding types:

Ready for today and tomorrow

From regulatory change to climate change, DuPont Building Envelope systems are designed to meet the challenges architects, construction professionals and building owners face every day in creating energy efficient buildings and lasting value.