Sustainable Building Products

Sustainable Building Products | DuPont™ Tyvek®

Earn Home Innovation Research Labs NGBS certification points with sustainable building products

DuPont™ Tyvek® and other sustainable building products from DuPont have received the Green Approved Product Seal for National Green Building Certification.

The Home Innovation Research Labs issues the seal to sustainable building products. And builders who use certified DuPont products can earn points toward certification to the National Green Building Standard™.

Green approved products

DuPont Building Envelope systems products certified by Home Innovation Research Labs are shown below, with the potential certification points each can contribute:

About NGBS Green Products Certification

Home Innovation Research Labs NGBS Green Certified Product program, formerly NAHB National Green Building Certification, helps assure homeowners that the products used in a residential project meets the requirements of either the NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines or the ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard.

Learn more about the NGBS Green Certified Product program

DuPont Building Envelope system benefits

Sustainable building products can contribute to reducing use of fossil fuels, a benefit for society as a whole. But the DuPont products listed above can also benefit home owners, by helping to protect against bulk water intrusion and air infiltration.

This can contribute to improved energy efficiency, and prevent the formation of mold in the wall assembly. In fact, DuPont data shows that the use of Tyvek® Building Envelope systems products can help reduce annual energy costs up to 20 percent over a house without an air and water barrier.