Body Assembly Solutions


We lead the way in automotive bonding that delivers high performance and long-lasting results

With technology designed for the latest modular assembly methods, our adhesives provide strength, flexibility, and protection from corrosion and the elements—for the long run. Plus, our solutions enable vehicle light-weighting and securely bond multi-material substrates.


High-performance materials that deliver results

By enabling lightweight multi-material substrate bonding within existing manufacturing assembly processes, adhesives are a cost-effective technology. Adhesives can help automotive manufacturers and suppliers meet existing and upcoming global regulations for fuel efficiency, safety, and emissions. Work with us for solutions that enable:

  • Increased load-bearing capacity
  • Improved safety and crash behavior
  • Reduced NVH
  • Optimized vehicle driving and handling
  • Extended durability
  • Manufacturing efficiencies


Modular Assembly

Modular assembly

Our adhesives eliminate heavier mechanical fasteners, add structural stability, and support thermal management

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Our structural and elastic adhesives strengthen vehicle structure and align with a wide range of manufacturing processes

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Our adhesives seal out noise and environmental contaminants while improving durability and corrosion resistance

BETAMATE™ broad bake adhesives

Supporting sustainable manufacturing 

BETAMATE™ broad bake adhesives shorten oven cycle times to enable significant energy savings – all while providing outstanding shelf stability and maintaining long-lasting durability in EVs. 

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