Lorytex in Uruguay Achieves Trusted Relationship with DuPont™ Cyrel® EASY Since the First Run 

Fotograv facility

Pioneers set the trends in the marketplace and Lorytex is now seeing flat top dot technology becoming the preferred type of dot by printers and plate makers. Flat top dots play an important role in sustaining dot shape, ensuring better stability on press, allowing higher speeds in a machine and achieving higher quality standards. However, to achieve these standards in the past, the need for various systems such as lamination, inert gas insertions and special UV lamps were widespread.

Lorytex has had a great experience with some of its acquired systems and are achieving excellent results, however, they were facing two main challenges: increasing productivity on platemaking and delivering outstanding print results to their converters. 

Read our case study to learn how the Cyrel® EASY Platform met their needs.