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Protect your wall assembly with easy-to-install continuous insulation

Featuring a unique fiberglass-reinforced foam core, DuPont™ Thermax™ (ci) Exterior Insulation delivers one of the highest R-values available for immediate insulation and weather protection on the job site.


Thermax™ (ci)

Designed for immediate insulation and weather protection on the job site, as well as long-term thermal performance, DuPont™ Thermax™ (ci) Exterior Insulation is a rigid foam board insulation with a glass-fiber-reinforced polyisocyanurate foam core that helps improve fire performance and dimensional stability. The homogenous core features finer cell size and better cell orientation, reducing wormholes and knit lines. The result is one of the highest R-values available (R-6.5 at 1”). The core’s tough exterior foil facers – nominal 1.25-mil embossed BLUE™ thermoset-coated aluminum on one side and 0.9-mil smooth, reflective aluminum on the other – provide durability and long-term performance. Used in the DuPont™ Thermax™ Wall System, DuPont™ Thermax™ (ci) Exterior Insulation can help you design for the future, while its light weight and ease of installation save time and money on the job site. DuPont™ Thermax™ Brand insulation delivers wall performance you can count on. It’s ready to meet your toughest building challenges – both outside and inside the wall – with a robust ISO insulation product line and an R-value that’s proven consistent over time and a range of temperatures.


Features & benefits

Easy to cut, handle, and install
  • Easy to use
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Reduces the potential for condensation within the wall assembly (SH-295)

    Physical Properties

      Method Unit Value
    Thermal Resistance<sup>1</sup> ASTM C518 R-value, min 6.5
    Compressive Strength<sup>2</sup> ASTM D1621 psi, min. 25
    Water Absorption<sup></sup> ASTM C209 % by volume, max. 0.1
    Water Vapor Permeance<sup>3</sup> ASTM E96 perm, max <0.04
    Maximum Use Temperature<sup></sup> - °F 250
    Flexural Strength<sup></sup> ASTM C203 psi, min. 55
    Flame Spread<sup></sup> ASTM E84 - 25
    Smoke Developed<sup></sup> ASTM E84 - <450

    1Aged R-value at 1” of cured foam @ 75°F mean temperature. R-value expressed in ft2 •h•°F/Btu. R-value determined by ASTM C518 using the aging process in ASTM C1289 (90 days @ 140°F)

    2Vertical compressive strength is measured at 10 percent deformation or at yield, whichever occurs first.

    3Calculated flammability values for this or any other material are not intended to represent hazards that may be present under actual fire conditions.


    Available Sizes

    R-Value Thickness (in.) Board Size (ft.)
    6.5 1 4 x 8
    10.1 1.5 4 x 8
    10.1 1.5 4 x 8
    10.1 1.5 4 x 12
    13 2 4 x 8
    13 2 4 x 8
    13 2 4 x 12
    15.8 2.5 4 x 8
    18.6 3 4 x 8

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