Lavoisier Award Recipients

The Lavoisier Medal for Lifetime Technical Achievement is the company’s highest science award and recognizes scientists and engineers who have demonstrated a career of creative technical contributions with significant business impact. The medal is named in honor of the 18th century French chemist, Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, who is considered the father of modern chemistry. 


Andrew Morgan, DuPont Fellow and Microbiome Venture Technology Strategy Leader, Nutrition & Biosciences, England — An innovator on the front end of new technologies and their development into sustainable new products, he played a key role in the development of the company’s first generation animal nutrition enzyme products and human health ingredients.


Peter Trefonas, DuPont Fellow, Electronics & Imaging, Marlborough, MA – 2018 Lavoisier Award winner for developing and commercializing generations of innovative materials and chemical processes supporting the continued development of semiconductor technology and the consumer electronics industry. 


Scott Power, DuPont Fellow, Nutrition & Biosciences, Palo Alto, CA – 2018 Lavoisier Award winner for driving innovation in Industrial Biotechnology since its start in the early 1980's, leading to many commercially important industrial enzymes in the fabric & household care and food processing market segments.


Mark Lamontia, DuPont Fellow, Electronics & Imaging, Wilmington, DE – 2019 Lavoisier Award winner for your broad customer-facing materials Applications Development work supporting Kevlar®, Tyvek®, Nomex®, and most recently, the development of Intexar™ wearable-electronics technologies.


Pedersen Award Recipients

The Pedersen Medalists are selected by the DuPont Fellows, a group of the highest technical professionals in the company. The medalists’ technical knowledge, skill and commitment in their respective areas have resulted in important new products for DuPont customers. The award is named in honor of Charles J. Pedersen, who received the 1987 Nobel Prize for his discovery of a novel class of chemical compounds called macrocyclic polyethers, which he dubbed the “crown” ethers because of their molecular shape.


Christophe Fremaux, Technical Fellow, Nutrition & Biosciences, France – 2019 Pedersen Medal winner for scientific work in lactic acid bacteria and dairy fermentation, driving the development of N&B’s dairy cultures business, and for you your recent work pioneering the CRISPR technology for gene editing. 


Andreas Lutz, Technical Senior Manager, Transportation and Industrial, Switzerland – 2020 Pedersen Medal for driving the development of BETAMATE™ automotive adhesive products that enable automobile production efficiency and reduce the carbon dioxide output of vehicles by reducing vehicle weight.


Juha Nurmi, Technical Fellow, Nutrition & Biosciences, Finland – 2020 Pedersen Medal winner for  innovative sugar processing technologies that enables many N&B products, including most recently, the commercial process to isolate the Human Milk Oligosaccharide 2’-fucosyl lactose. 


Steven Oriani, Technical Fellow, Transportation & Industrial, Wilmington, DE – 2020 Pedersen Medal winner for the commercial development of polyolefin Polymer Processing Aids, and novel polymer blends that enable improved polymer properties and economics, expanding the addressable market for high-performance DuPont materials.


Bradley Taylor, Technical Fellow, Electronics & Imaging - 2020 Pedersen Medal winner for technical contributions to the development and commercialization of Cyrel® Digital Plate Technology. This technology revolutionized the flexographic printing industry.


Nora Radu, Technical Fellow, Electronics & Imaging, Wilmington​, DE – 2020 Pedersen Medal winner for her work to advance the performance of materials in used in OLED displays for consumer electronics, and recently to develop novel colorless polyimide films that will enable the next generation of durable, flexible displays for cell phones and tablets.


Shuhong Wang, Technical Fellow, Transportation & Industrial, Wilmington, DE – 2020 Pedersen Medal winner for building the Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer electronics product portfolio,  providing sealing solutions for challenging semiconductor wafer manufacturing equipment, and growing Kalrez® penetration into adjacent market spaces.


Deyan Wang, R&D Fellow, Electronics and Imaging, Marlborough, MA – 2020 Pedersen Medal winner for inventing three revolutionary and highly profitable technology platforms supporting 193nm Immersion Lithography and Plated Copper Interconnect materials that are used in both semiconductor chip packaging and circuit board manufacturing.