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Chemicals and chemical products provide many benefits to society, and they must be managed in a responsible way to minimize adverse effects on humans and the environment.  DuPont is committed to ensuring that public health and the environment are protected from unreasonable risk resulting from exposure to chemicals and applies appropriate risk management measures to achieve this objective.  DuPont manufactures, stores, transports, uses, disposes of, and recycles its products in a manner that protects human health and the environment.

DuPont aims to meet its responsibilities under its company’s safety, health, and environment (SHE) commitment (The DuPont Commitment), the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® initiative and the International Council of Chemical Association’s (ICCA) voluntary initiative called the Global Product Strategy (GPS). The goal of the GPS is to ensure that society will continue to enjoy the value and benefits of chemistry, while industry and its partners continuously improve efforts to protect public safety, health and the environment.

DuPont joined the GPS initiative when it was launched in 2006.  The goal of the initiative is to improve product stewardship within the chemical industry and with suppliers and customers throughout the chain of commerce.  As a member of the initiative, DuPont is assessing further the risk of its key chemicals in commerce by 2018. In 2012, DuPont (along with other participating companies) will report on its GPS progress.

DuPont is performing Product Stewardship Assessments to evaluate further the safety of the current uses of its chemicals.

Product Stewardship Assessments

As the first step in the assessment process, DuPont analyzed its chemical inventory against the following prioritization criteria:

  • Impact on the supply chain by volume
  • Exposure potential to the users - including potential impacts on selected population
  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Business Relevance

DuPont is evaluating the high-priority chemicals using a screening level risk assessment approach.  This approach uses hazard, use, and exposure information to determine the safety of these chemicals for current uses throughout the chain of commerce.

Product Safety Summaries

Product Safety Summaries are intended to provide a general overview of chemical substances.  These Product Safety Summaries are part of DuPont’s commitment to the ACC and ICCA Responsible Care and Global Product Strategy for the safe management of chemicals.

Acetic Acid


CMBSI solution


Isophthaloyl Dichloride


Lecithins (acetylated)








Vinyl Fluoride


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