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Create sustainable innovations to help society thrive and address its most pressing challenges 


DuPont has developed nine priorities that reflect the best opportunity to make a positive impact in the world. DuPont looks to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for inspiration and direction on problems the world needs solving, now. Over the course of the next decade, DuPont pledges to work tirelessly to make progress against these ambitions and therefore, a meaningful and profound difference in the sustainability of businesses, communities, and the planet.

DuPont’s sustainability drive is at the heart of the Silicon Valley Technology Center.

  • The SVTC purchases 100% of its electricity from a PG&E community renewable program generating renewable power within California.
  • The site is also proud to participate in the City of Sunnyvale’s Zero Waste Strategic Plan, which focuses on diverting as much waste as possible from landfills via programs like collecting food scraps for use in animal feed.
  • DuPont SVTC is an Industry Partner in FlexFactor, an outreach program that brings together industry, higher education, and K-12 to inspire and develop a career in the advanced manufacturing and technology sectors.

Check back here for updates on additional SVTC sustainability initiatives, such as our Zero Waste Lab project and our Prototyping Carbon Footprint project!