About the GOLD Program

The DuPont GOLD (Growth Opportunities Leading in Diversity) program is intended for doctoral and post-doctoral scientists from underrepresented groups (African American/Black, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Hispanic/Latinx, or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander) interested in career opportunities in industrial research at DuPont. The GOLD program supports DuPont’s commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion by:

  • Exposing doctoral and post-doctoral scientists to science & innovation at DuPont
  • Expanding DuPont’s recruiting efforts to strengthen workforce diversity
  • Supporting the pipeline of graduate students from underrepresented groups through mentoring and professional development  

“Innovation thrives in an environment rich from a foundation of diverse perspectives and nurtured through a culture of equity and inclusion.  I’m working to accelerate our commitments and to focus on the people and teams behind our innovations.”

Alexa Dembek SVP, Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer


Internship Opportunities Available

DuPont Electronics & Industrial is seeking to fill internship positions with undergraduate and graduate-level students as part of the GOLD internship program. The successful candidate will join an interdisciplinary process engineering and chemistry team aimed at the scale-up and commercialization of electronic materials.


GOLD Seminar Competition

The 2023 GOLD seminar competition will be held in New Orleans, LA. Application details will be posted in Spring 2023.

To attract underrepresented talent into the program, DuPont has been sponsoring and hosting a one-day seminar series and oral presentation competition at the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) Annual Conference since 2019. 

This year, the seminar competition was held in-person on Monday September 26th, 2022 in Orlando, FL.  Applications were accepted through the end of May 2022. The theme for 2022 competition was "Making a Difference for a Sustainable Future”.

As in previous years, selected participants gave an oral presentation on their research, competing to win $1,000 and a guaranteed interview with a DuPont recruiter. Each participant was also matched with a DuPont mentor to provide guidance and help them prepare for the competition and interview.  Participants were also be given the opportunity to network with DuPont recruiters and learn more about a career in industry.


Interested applicants submitted the following to GOLD@dupont.com.

  • A resume (maximum 2 pages), including but not limited to work experience, a list of publications or patents, outreach, leadership experience, awards, etc.
  • A research summary that includes motivation, key accomplishments and contributions, the impact made on the research field and/or future work, and how your research and/or skills can contribute to a sustainable future in the chemical industry (up to 1,000 words and maximum of two figures)
  • An abstract (up to 500 words, no figures)

To be considered for the competition and interview, applicants must:

  • have at least one publication or patent
  • be graduating by Fall 2023 (no more than 3 years post-graduation). Those not graduating by Fall 2023 will only be considered for mentorship opportunity with DuPont GOLD team.
  • be pursuing a degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, material science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, data science, or other closely-related field.
  • be attending the NOBCChE Conference in-person on September 26th through 29th in Orlando, FL. For more information about the conference, please visit NOBCChE Website.

For any questions regarding the competition, please contact GOLD@dupont.com


2022 GOLD seminar competition at NOBCChE, Orlando, FL


2018 GOLD seminar competition at NOBCChE, St Louis, MO


Virtual conference mixer 2020


American Chemical Society (ACS)

Since 2021, DuPont GOLD has been partnering with the American Chemical Society (ACS). This partnership will allow DuPont GOLD to expand the applicant pool and broaden our footprint to include American Indian/Alaskan Native, Hispanic/Latinx, or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander demographics. The partnership with ACS will also facilitate pipeline growth of underrepresented students through ACS Bridge Fellow Program. 

In partnership with ACS, DuPont will host a workshop exploring different industrial career opportunities for ACS Bridge Fellows and underrepresented PhD students / post-doctoral scholars in the chemical sciences on June 21, 2022. Register and learn more here

As part of ACS’s Fall 2022 National Meeting, DuPont, in partnership with other companies, will host a virtual half-day session on "URM Talent Acquisition, Retention and Career Development in STEM Private Sectors”. Stay tuned for more information. 


Our new DuPont innovators share insights on GOLD

Saikat Banerjee, PhD

PhD – GOLD 2021

“It was an amazing experience to be a part of the 2021 GOLD seminar competition and learn from DuPont leaders and fellow participants.” 

Chideraa I. Nwachukwu, PhD

PhD Chem. Eng. - GOLD 2020

“Participating in the GOLD program expanded my network and exposed me to different career opportunities, but the personal connection with DuPont mentors made it easier to choose DuPont.” 

Stephen Boakye-Ansah, PhD

PhD Chem. Eng.– GOLD 2020

“Joining DuPont through the GOLD program granted me a firsthand experience on how to translate bench-top research to real-world applications to benefit humanity.”  

Christine B. Hatter, PhD

PhD Mat. Sci. and Eng.- GOLD 2019

“The GOLD mentorship established with DuPont added a personal touch, broadened my professional network and introduced me to great people in the field.”

Gaurav Kumar, PhD

PhD-GOLD 2020

“The GOLD program broadened my horizon and made me realize that DuPont is not just about making polymers.”