About the GOLD Program

The DuPont GOLD (Growth Opportunities Leading in Diversity) program is geared towards exposing doctoral and post-doctoral scientists from underrepresented groups to the wide range of career opportunities in industrial research at DuPont.  Focus areas are chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, mechanical engineering, polymer science and closely-related fields.  This initiative supports DuPont’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by

  • Exposing doctoral and post-doctoral scientists to science & innovation at DuPont
  • Expanding DuPont’s recruiting efforts to strengthen workforce diversity
  • Supporting the pipeline of graduate students from underrepresented groups through mentoring and professional development  

“Innovation thrives in an environment rich from a foundation of diverse perspectives and nurtured through a culture of equity and inclusion.  I’m working to accelerate our commitments and to focus on the people and teams behind our innovations.”

Alexa Dembek SVP, Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer


2020 GOLD Seminar Competition

NOBCChE Annual Conference

September 21, 2020

DuPont is hosting a virtual seminar and oral presentation competition at the 47th National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) Annual Conference. This will be the second edition of the DuPont GOLD seminar series.  The theme of this year’s session is “The Future is Yours: From the bench top to the world”.

Christine Hatter

The DuPont GOLD Research Seminar competition at NOBCChE was a great experience and opportunity to relate my PhD research
to a real world setting. As a 5th year PhD candidate pursuing a career in industry, I felt there were some limitations in preparing
students entering professions outside of academia.This competition was the perfect transition for helping students see the "big
picture" and overall importance of their work in future technologies.

The mentorship established with DuPont staff and selected finalists added a personal touch and created a unique experience leading up to the NOBCChE conference. As one of the 8 finalists from over 90 applicants, placing 2nd in the first year of the competition was an amazing feeling. Interactions with fellow participants and DuPont representatives helped broaden my network and meet some great people in the field. I can't thank the organizers enough for creating this competition and giving those underrepresented in STEM an opportunity to showcase their scientific achievements.

Now as I start my career as a Research Scientist at DuPont, I hope to continue the tradition and help with programs like the GOLD Research Seminar promoting intellectual curiosity, encouragement, and inspiration.

Elvis Ebikade

The DuPont GOLD event was a celebration of the academic and scientific achievements of minority groups in STEM, one I will
never forget.  The sense of camaraderie among the finalists and the intentional mentorship from DuPont staff made this experience
unique and worthwhile.

Even though I didn’t win, I left St. Louis, Missouri, inspired, confident and proud to be a black chemical engineering PhD. Through the friendships forged with participants and my “big bro’s and sis’s” from DuPont, I have developed a strong network that I find continuous inspiration, encouragement and intellectual stimulation from.  I can’t thank the organizers enough, but will definitely pay it forward by investing into my network of mentees and continuing to lead and excel in my research as we invent a better now and a GOLDen future.