Supplier Sustainability & Expectations

Translating DuPont Core Values to Expectations for Suppliers

The Supplier Code of Conduct

“At DuPont, we view our suppliers as partners in our success as a company. We are doing incredible things to make the world more sustainable with our products, and we continue to make strides in our DuPont-owned facilities to become more sustainable. However, a successful approach to sustainability requires us to also embed our commitment to sustainability into our supply chain. An important tool to help us do that is the Supplier Code of Conduct, which applies to our suppliers all around the globe. Like the DuPont Code of Conduct for employees, it’s built around our Core Values, which address all facets of sustainability.” -- Shelley Stewart, Jr., Vice President — Sourcing & Logistics and Chief Procurement Officer

DuPont is built on our Core Values of Safety & Health, Environmental Stewardship, Respect for People, and Highest Ethical Behavior.

Together, these serve as the backbone of our company, and lay the foundation on which our sustainability efforts are based.

The Supplier Code of Conduct sets out our expectations for suppliers around our core values. Our goal is that our suppliers, who are integral to DuPont, will embrace these values and share our commitment to sustainability.

  • The Code begins with Safety and Health, addressing not only workplace safety, but also the safety of the products our suppliers provide us, and includes setting safety and health goals.
  • Knowing that Environmental Stewardship and the efficient use of resources is an essential part of doing good business, the Code points suppliers to the principles of Responsible Care®. It also encourages them to have their own robust sustainability program to address the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, management of water use, improved energy and resource efficiency, and waste reduction, as well as the use of renewable resources in their own supply chains.
  • DuPont works hard to be a respected corporate citizen in this world and we value our reputation as one of our most important assets. We require compliance with rules and laws, but more so, we expect an ethical mindset when doing business with and on behalf of DuPont.
  • The Code ends with Respect for People, and our commitment to the guidelines of the UN Global Compact regarding worker treatment. It also includes the value of diversity and inclusion in the workforce as well as in the supply chain, and our belief that creating an environment of professionalism, dignity and respect fosters engagement, innovation, and excellence. 

Equally important to applying the Supplier Code of Conduct at their own workplace is for suppliers to cascade it down through their own contractors or vendors. No one can turn a blind eye to the treatment of employees, environmental responsibility, or ethical behavior across the supply chain. We hold ourselves to high standards and expect those working with us to do the same.