Tamper-Evident Film Helps Protect Ice Cream Brand

DuPont™ Appeel® Helps Protect One of Italy's Top Ice Cream Brands

A tamper-evident film developed by Cellografica Gerosa for the polypropylene container of Sammontana ice cream consists of a biaxially-orientated PET layer sandwich-printed and then laminated to a peelable sealing layer of DuPont™ Appeel® lidding sealant resin.

Benefits Gained

  •  Better processing and efficiency on the packaging converting lines.
  •  Reliable, peelable seals.
  •  Compatible with PS, PP, PET and PVC containers, cups or trays.


Materials Selected and Why

DuPont™ Appeel® lidding sealant resin was selected for this application because it provides superior safety and processing characteristics compared with other resins. It also offers a reliable, peelable seal for use on a variety of containers, including those produced in PS, PP, PET and PVC. The material offers a broad temperature sealing window, excellent hot-tack and good organoleptics.

In addition, because of the ease and reliability of processing, converting lines can run continuously, avoiding flow breakdowns.  The versatility of Appeel® means that converters can manage stocks more easily, because the same material can be used for different container applications.  


Packaging Converter: Cellografica Gerosa - Italy, France, Spain and Germany
Food Company: Sammontana Ice Cream, Italy