Bynel® and Selar® Team Up For Improved Cheese Packaging

Improved Cheese Packaging

New Expeco® packaging (Extrusion à Perméeabilites Contrôlées) is a paraffin-free package that combines a DuPont™ Bynel® adhesive resin layer and a DuPont™ Selar® PA 3426 barrier resin layer laminated on paper.  Bynel® is used as a bonding agent and Selar® PA 3426 is an amorphous nylon resin that provides an oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier, as well as optical properties.

Benefits Gained

  •    Optimized cheese maturation.
  •    Full control of the water vapor/oxygen/carbon dioxide gas exchange.
  •    Product preservation without affecting flavor.
  •    Ability to fine tune barrier properties of the structure to comply with weight loss requirements.


Materials Selected and Why

Packaging converter, Lawson Mardon Morin, worked with DuPont to develop a permeable packaging film that would be ideally suited to soft cheese with surface mold.  Bynel® and Selar® were chosen for this unique application because in combination they give the packaging film specific barrier properties and optimize the cheese maturation.  Bynel® is compatible with a wide range of processes, including extrusion coating and features limited permeability to water vapor.  Selar® PA 3426 provides oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier, as well as optical properties.  In addition, its easy-to-extrude nature and thermoforming characteristics make it ideal for both film and sheet.


Packaging Converter:  Lawson Mardon Morin – Sarrebourg, France
Food Company:  Chamois d’Or Cheese from France