Baking to give that fuller for longer feeling

Baking to give that fuller for longer feeling

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If you think the satiety trend could be good for your bakery business but have yet to give it a go, the chances of success have probably never been better than right now.

After decades of following various diet regimes, consumers are turning their attention to mainstream products that can help them manage their weight simply and conveniently. And, while many established weight management brands are seeing their popularity fade, new enterprises are emerging and capturing a share of the market.

A growing number of the new product launches for this segment have a satiety-related claim, with on-pack messages such as ‘stay full’ or ‘slow release energy’. The drivers behind them are three of the top 10 food and nutrition trends identified by New Nutrition Business for 2015: protein, snackification and weight wellness.

Good opportunities for bakery
At DuPont Nutrition & Health, we’ve been exploring opportunities for industrial bakeries to win a slice of the satiety action. Our conclusion is that the bakery sector is well positioned – and for several reasons.

The fact that bread is part of the staple diet in many countries is clearly in its favor. Wholemeal breads are already a recognized fiber source so, when extra protein is added on top, they hold increasing appeal for the majority of consumers who see fiber and protein as important nutrients. According to statistics from a Datamonitor consumer insights survey, 79% and 75% of adult consumers make a conscious effort to eat fiber and protein respectively.

Clinical studies have documented the ability of both fiber and protein to support hunger suppression and reduce calorie consumption throughout the day.

Guilt-free snacks as meals
Snackification is a reference to the consumer tendency to make snacks of all foods. Although snacks have often been blamed for their unhealthy contribution to the daily diet, Datamonitor again reports that 56% of consumers choose healthy between-meal snacks most or all of the time.

The rise of breakfast biscuits, for example, highlights the growing reliance on satisfying, protein and fiber-enriched snacks as meal alternatives. As Julian Mellentin from New Nutrition Business points out, snacks are not required to be healthy through and through.  They just need enough of a healthy glow for guilt-free enjoyment – as we aim to demonstrate in our concepts for satiating biscuits, muffins and baked nutrition bars.

Who buys weight wellness? 
All this goes nicely hand in hand with the third satiety driver: weight wellness, which underlines the move away from strict dietary control to the maintenance of weight through a balanced lifestyle, where healthier food choices and exercise have a role.

At DuPont, we have identified and described two consumer groups as the most likely targets of satiety-promoting products. The ‘motivated strugglers’, as we call them, are the group that focuses most on weight loss as a means to health and feeling good. The other is the ‘enlightened actives’, who see weight control as a means to long-term health and staying attractive. You can read more about them here.

Still think that the satiety trend could be the way to go for your next product development? You can read about some of our latest inspirational concepts in this issue of Bakery Performance. Let us know if you need a hand.