Food Quality Management at DuPont

Food quality management is about more than just the appearance, flavor, or nutritional value of products. Customers today also want to know they can trust their suppliers. Accordingly, food safety has become a top priority for manufacturers around the world.

DuPont takes a comprehensive approach to food quality management to continually earn the trust of their customers. In addition to a culture of customer service and partnership, quality and safety are designed into every step—from the farmer’s field to the delivery of the customer’s end product.

We ensures that every step of the food production process is scrutinized. To ensure the highest possible quality, our soy ingredients undergo strict quality management processes and procedures that include analyzing the product for protein, water and salt content. Products can be traced all the way back through the production process to the seed, and identity preservation measures ensure that suppliers maintain the highest standards for proof of purity.

These quality assurance processes help ensure that the product is of the upmost quality and make us a trusted partner for food manufacturers.