Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: AngloAmerican - Chile

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: AngloAmerican
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The main challenge of those belts were the big size of the material carried and the high impact on the belt surface due the material fall height, which were responsible for premature replacement. Established in 1917, AngloAmerican is a global mining company with more than 150.000 employees producing a big diversity of minerals like copper, iron, and diamonds.

With several operations worldwide, the subject of conveyor belts is critical and strategic for the business since downtimes and unexpected maintenances generate thousands of dollars in annual losses. This issue becomes even more complicated with mines which process very abrasive and sharp minerals like cooper in Los Bronces, Chile.

Two polyester/nylon belts were replaced by Maxx Armour™ with DuPont™ Kevlar® and the results were impressive. Versus 50 days of average lifetime, the Kevlar® provided more than 1 year of durability generating great savings to the operation. “(…) 13 months without any damage or wear compared to what we already had installed; this Kevlar® fiber used in carcass and in top cover can handle very well cuts and tears since until today we had no accidents. These belts, as I said, are intact.” - report the responsible for conveyor belt maintenance in Los Bronces operation.

The Kevlar® fibers dispersed in the top cover rubber ensured the extra resistance against this tough material, which was translated in more than 700% of extra durability.

Maxx Armour™ belts reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® are the ideal choice for superior performance being lightweight, strong and durable versus traditional polyester/nylon and steel solutions reducing downtimes and improving productivity by enhancing belt life.

The Dare Bigger™ brand platform represents inspiration for anyone who relies on the safety and performance of Kevlar®. The science behind this advanced material, coupled with its strength and durability, allows us to push boundaries, defy limits and challenge the conventional. From athletes to astronauts, law enforcement, military, first responders and industrial workers, Kevlar® enables anyone with an imagination and a job to do to Dare Bigger™.

DuPont recently published data from a study with Codelco, the National Copper Corporation of Chile, which demonstrated a capacity increase and reduction in annual maintenance costs through the use of Kevlar® in mining belts.