Garment Performance of Stationwear Made of Nomex®

Garment Performance of Stationwear Made of Nomex®
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NFPA 1975, Standard on Station/Work Uniforms for Fire and Emergency Services, specifies that garments shall be constructed from flame-resistant (FR) fabrics, like DuPont™ Nomex®, or from nominally 100% cotton or wool fabrics. Fabrics made of Nomex® brand fiber are lightweight, breathable and extremely durable. The FR characteristics of Nomex® are built into the fibers and cannot be washed out or worn away. Garments made of Nomex® will also maintain their professional look without ironing.


Note: The head is uncovered in the test system and contributes to 7% of the predicted body burn.

Thermo-Man® tests demonstrate the higher level of flame protection that multilayer garments offer. Material selection and garment designs balance protection, mobility and heat stress.

Thermo-Man® system consists of a life-size manikin with 122 thermal sensors used to predict level, extent and location of potential burns of whole garments in simulated flame exposures. Thermo-Man® tests are performed in accordance with ASTM F 1930 guidelines.