The Experimental Station


For over 115 years, the DuPont Experimental Station in Wilmington, Delaware, has used science and technology to empower the world with essential innovations to thrive.

Since its founding, the Experimental Station has been a vital engine for our company’s growth. Right now, our scientists and engineers are pursuing new discoveries based on our intimate knowledge of market needs, learned by collaborating with our partners. We help our customers solve complex problems, advance their best ideas, and deliver sustainable, high-performance solutions for markets globally.




Founded in 1903, the Experimental Station was one of the first industrial research laboratories in the United States.


Wallace Hume Caruthers produces the first example of Nylon, opening the door to a revolutionary period of new materials and products.


The discovery of flame-resistant Nomex launches the development of countless products for a broad scope of industries.




Today, the site is transitioning from a predominantly traditional research and development facility to a vibrant science and business development center with a strong focus on collaboration.


Research now underway could lead to more sustainable electronic vehicles, advanced multi-threat protection for frontline responders and sensing solutions that enable transformational use cases in healthcare.  


DuPont is investing in the site now and in the future, through renovations that provide innovative laboratory and office space for a new era of discovery.


200 Powder Mill Road

Wilmington, DE 19803