DuPont Makes Bloomberg 2019 Gender-Equality Index

Article | Darrell Ford | January 17,2019
DuPont Makes Bloomberg 2019 Gender-Equality Index

I may be just a few months into my new position here at DuPont, but it was clear to me from the start that treating people with respect, fairness and equality is a top priority for our company. 

I’m not the only one who’s noticed. Bloomberg has noticed, too. In fact, it’s included DuPont in its 2019 Gender-Equality Index (GEI) , citing our company as a “global leader in advancing women.” This is just the third year for this Index. And it's the third year we've made the list!

The GEI evaluation process considers factors such as the percentage of female employees—especially in leadership positions—and policies designed to pursue gender equality. Based on the report we received, our Diversity & Inclusion strategy served us well, as did the addition (in 2019) of benefits for domestic partners.

This is about doing the right thing. But it’s also about succeeding as a business: Bloomberg uses its GEI to point investors to companies committed to gender equality. 

How encouraging to know that the seeds of equality we’ve planted are bearing meaningful and significant fruit. As we celebrate this win, we'll also continue our efforts to bring to life our “Respect for People” value as often and in as many ways as possible.