Corian® Design Unveils the Essence of Nature’s Creativity with the 2024 Color Launch of Corian® Solid Surface

Press Release | April 3, 2024
Press Release
Corian® Design Unveils the Essence of Nature’s Creativity with the 2024 Color Launch of Corian® Solid Surface

Embark on a journey of innovation with captivating designs


WILMINGTON, Del., Apr. 3, 2024 — Corian® Design proudly unveils its new 2024 North American color collection, enhancing its Corian® Solid Surface portfolio with a range of captivating design colors and options tailored to elevate spaces to new heights. Corian® Design invites customers to immerse themselves in the vibrant palette of nature’s own masterpiece, where each hue tells a story of boundless creativity and endless potential.

Step into a realm of innovation with the latest unveilings of Corian® Design: Twelve captivating additions to the Corian® Solid Surface lineup. These extraordinary color collections offer a broad range of landscape choices, empowering designers and architects to create breathtaking designs in commercial and residential environments, where every space becomes a canvas for inspired transformation. Notably, many of these aesthetics contain recycled content, making a positive impact on design, and the environment.*

“Inspired by nature’s ever-evolving canvas, we have introduced innovative styles and designs that enrich spaces with a feeling of nature that’s both subtle and sophisticated,” says Maggie Ellis, North American Marketing Leader at Corian® Design. “We’re particularly excited to showcase the integration of recycled materials in our latest color palettes. The 2024 offerings from Corian® Design reflect our unwavering commitment to blend artistry with environmental responsibility.”

New Corian® Solid Surface Collections

Whether subtly infusing moments of visual serenity or making a bold statement with color and intricate patterns, Corian® Solid Surface offers the latest 2024 aesthetics designed to seamlessly translate the beauty of nature into any design space across five collections. 


Artista Collection: Indulge in tranquility with calming and fluid aesthetics in neutral tones inspired by vaporous mist, herbs, and flora. In addition, both colors contain recycled materials, paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.*

  • Artista Sage: Invite quiet moments of calm with grays and soft, subtle undertones of green reminiscent of herbs to bring a touch of nature’s flora into any indoor space.
  • Artista Mist: Indulge in the soothing embrace of cloudlike white veins that complement soft blue shades, enveloping spaces with a tranquil aura of effortless serenity.

Geologic Collection: Experience the timeless elegance of iconic stone aesthetics coupled with the unmatched performance of Corian® Solid Surface, boasting non-porous properties, ease of cleaning, virtual seamlessness, and ease of repairability.

  • Stonecrest Smoke: Let your imagination soar where deep grays dance upon a cool white background reminiscent of marble.
  • Calacatta Greige: Discover a quiet power where delicate veins of beige and gray are set against a background of warm white, inspired by the classic look of Calacatta.

Nuwoods Collection: This is where beauty meets durability, blending the timeless allure of woodgrain-inspired aesthetics with the unmatched performance of Corian® Solid Surface. Revel in its non-porous nature, effortless cleaning, virtual seamlessness, and promise of easy repairability, empowering you to create spaces that inspire.**

  • Provence Nuwood: Transport your senses to the heart of the forest where the lush brown hues evoke the tranquility and abundance of nature.
  • Bleached Nuwood: Embark on a journey of light and transformation with soft tan hues echoing the natural variations found in wood, complemented by contrasting woodgrain patterns.

Terrazzos Collection: Where artistry meets modern elegance, drawing inspiration from the timeless beauty of Italian mosaics to offer a versatile range of designs suitable for both classic and contemporary spaces. Both colors contain recycled content and are beautiful in design and their low environmental impact.**

  • Laguna Terrazzo: Cool and chic, blue and warm particles dance gracefully over a light background. Designed to coordinate with solid blue Corian® Laguna, Laguna Terrazzo is a crisp and modern aesthetic perfect for interior spaces.
  • Peppered Terrazzo: Indulge in this timeless allure, where the harmonious interplay of black, gray, and tan hues elevates neutral tones to new heights of sophistication.

Terrains Collection: Where inspiration meets exploration, crafted to evoke the awe-inspiring beauty of landscapes, from serene country paths to the ethereal glow of stones glistening in the light. All four colors contain recycled content, a nod to the beauty of nature and the importance of sustainable design.**

  • Pebble Lane: Embark on a tranquil journey, where a gentle tan background and subtle particulates are reminiscent of a country path.
  • Archeologic: Uncover moments of revelation as light and medium neutral-colored particles emerge like whispers of discovery from a soothing beige background.
  • Stonique: Illuminate your space with the timeless allure of a classic white background adorned with warm hues and subtly translucent particles, reminiscent of stones catching the light.
  • Excavage: Experience the splendor of nature as elements of charcoal, warm gray, and warm white converge on a light gray background reminiscent of the earth’s rich tapestry.

To learn more about this new collection, visit the New Corian® Solid Surface Aesthetics. To find a distributor, visit our distributor page.


*Contains recycled content - Pending Certification.
**These colors have been certified by SCS Global Services to have one of the three minimum levels of pre-consumer recycled material: 6%, 10%, or 14%.


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