Disc Packaging Testing

Article | May 8, 2018
Disc Packaging Testing | Tyvek® Envelopes

In total performance, nothing surpasses DuPont™ Tyvek® in protecting recordable discs—not even jewel cases. Testing designed to simulate shipping, handling and storage conditions proves it. See charts below.

Average Block Error Rate After Insertion/Abrasion

Insertion/abrasion tests, simulating normal use, handling and abuse of discs, showed that Tyvek® was the only material that did not create additional BLER (block error rate) in the disc. DuPont™ Tyvek® also consistently outperformed polypropylene and lined and unlined vinyl film sleeves in guarding against RN (radial noise) and CRC (cyclic redundancy check).


Vibration and drop tests also showed that Tyvek® protected the discs against damage, but materials like paperboard scratched the disc surface, sometimes causing an unreadable disc.

Average Change in Cyclic Redundancy Check After Insertion/Abrasion

Elevated temperature tests simulated hot storage conditions. These tests caused some of the other packaging materials to off-gas ammonia, which can result in severe damage to discs, making them unreadable.