Drive Safer by Thinking Like a Pilot

Nov, 27 2019
Drive safer by thinking like a pilot | TED@DuPont
Edward Paxton

Aerospace industry leader,  DuPont Transportation & Industrial

What if we applied the principles of safe air travel to the riskiest activity people engage in every day: driving cars? Aircraft engineer and safety expert Ed Paxton shares how we can change the culture of complacency around driving -- and dramatically reduce the risk of accidents -- by thinking like a pilot.
Quote of the talk:

"It’s almost certain you know someone who’s been seriously injured or lost their life out on the road. Over the last ten years, seven billion people have boarded domestic airline flights, and there’s been just one fatality.”

About the Speaker

Edward Paxton
Auto pilot

Ed Paxton graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in physics and now works as a market leader in the aerospace industry. In this role, he collaborates with DuPont’s customers to develop new polymer components for aircraft and aero-engines. Among other things, he is interested in how the exceptionally high standards of aviation safety are achieved and how they can be applied to other aspects of life.


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