DuPont Announces 2022 North America Protection Innovation Award Winners

Press Release | January 17, 2023

Bulwark and Youngstown Glove Co. products Honored for Innovative Use of DuPontKevlar® and DuPontNomex® in Glove Design


WILMINGTON, Del., Jan. 19, 2023. — DuPont Personal Protection announced the winners of their ninth annual Protection Innovation Award (formerly Kevlar® Innovation Award). The award recognizes innovative personal protective solutions through the use of Kevlar® and/or Nomex® fibers in the form of gloves or sleeves, helping offer hand and arm protection to industrial workers around the world.

“Every year we are excited to see the broad range of new hand and arm protection solutions submitted for consideration. We continually work with our brand licensees to respond to the latest market trends and regulatory standards with innovative solutions. This year, the evolution of FR standards has led to a unique market opportunity for our value chain partners to educate and work with end users to develop gloves which meet their changing needs.” said Joel DeNardis, global marketing leader, Kevlar® Industrials. “NFPA® 2112 recently expanded beyond garments to also include gloves, providing an opportunity for suppliers to combine innovative materials, like Nomex® and Kevlar® fibers, into new hand protection solutions that can comfortably protect against multiple hazards.”

This year’s submissions included brand licensees’ gloves and sleeves that use Kevlar®  and/or Nomex® fiber in their construction and challenge the traditional applications for mechanical and thermal protection. All submissions were evaluated based on innovation in product design and use of DuPont engineered material solutions to enhance protection benefits, an ability to meet customers’ unmet protection needs and the potential to capitalize on market opportunities. This year’s winners are:

Bulwark iQ Series® Advantage Grip Guard 200FR GG200C Glove

This glove is certified as compliant with the NFPA 2112 standard for hand protection and features an 18-gauge seamless knit liner that provides high dexterity with excellent comfort. The iQ Series® Advantage Collection FR set consists of five new gloves, ranging from lightweight seamless knit to durable cut-and-sewn gloves, making it the first broad range of NFPA 2112 compliant FR hand protection. All five styles are NFPA 2112 certified and provide the wearer protection against a range of cut, thermal and arc hazard risks. This recognition for the GG200C represents the first time that Bulwark, a leading supplier of FR apparel for workers in the oil & gas industry, has received a DuPont Protection Innovation Award for hand protection. This innovative glove built with Nomex® Xtreme Cut technology features DuPont patented engineered yarns, FR resistant neoprene palm dip coating and FR bumpers back-of-hand for high-performance impact resistance.

Youngstown Glove Company FR Mechanics Hybrid 12-2112-10 Glove

This glove provides multi-hazard protection and dexterity needed by gas Utilities workers and is certified as compliant with the NFPA 2112 standard for hand protection. The glove is sewn in Youngstown’s form-fit pattern for excellent dexterity and comfort for the wearer. It includes durable top of hand protection and a liner made of 100% Kevlar® fiber. The exterior features an FR goat leather palm with FR Hi-Viz safety lime color outer shell and Hi-Viz fingertips. This glove offers excellent flame protection, while also providing cut and puncture resistance and an arc flash Category 2 rating.  Youngstown is recognized as a leader in hand protection for Utility workers with more than 15 years spent refining their designs to provide superior dexterity and comfort combined with long lasting durable protection.

DuPontKevlar® fiber –with its durability, low weight and extraordinary strength– is used to make a variety of personal protection that provides both mechanical protection and heat resistance.

On the other hand, the proven performance of DuPontNomex® fiber helps deliver unparalleled inherent protection against multiple thermal hazards - like flash fire and arc flash - allowing the user to face any job with confidence.

For over 50 years, DuPont has continuously taken on new challenges, with our technical staff driving innovation and working on a range of new opportunities through collaborations with communities, industrial manufacturers and governments. We continue to deliver the performance of Kevlar® and Nomex® to those who need reliable PPE solutions.

For more information on how DuPont, along with its licensee partners, are redefining the standards for performance and comfort in worker protection, visit Protection Innovation Awards. You can also connect with DuPont Personal Protection on LinkedIn.

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