DuPont Showcases AI Innovations Featuring Advanced Interconnects at 2024 International Electronic Circuits Exhibition

Press Release | May 13, 2024
Press Release
DuPont Showcases AI Innovations Featuring Advanced Interconnects at 2024 International Electronic Circuits Exhibition

SHANGHAI, China, May 13, 2024 – DuPont today announced it will showcase its comprehensive range of advanced circuit materials and solutions at the 2024 International Electronic Circuits Exhibition in Shanghai. With a product portfolio that includes fine line, signal integrity, power and thermal management, DuPont will exhibit at Booth #8L06 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) from May 13 to 15.

Driven by rapid increase in data generation, the demand for high-speed devices that power artificial intelligence (AI) continues to soar. DuPont is leading the charge in innovation with cutting-edge solutions for advanced packaging and integrated circuit (IC) substrates, two crucial components for AI accelerators and high-performance computing applications. Collaborations with OEMs and key players in the industry have yielded groundbreaking results, such as the development of glass substrate technology and a micro-bump SnAg solution for next-generation high bandwidth memory (HBM) tailored to AI applications.

"Our new technology solutions demonstrate DuPont's ability to drive innovation and deliver value in partnership with industry leaders in the AI sector. As a one-stop powerhouse for advanced interconnect solutions, from chip packaging, IC substrate, advanced PCB, to assembly, we are well equipped to enable our customers to push the boundaries in AI-driven technologies. We are thrilled to debut our product portfolio at the electronic circuits exhibition this year," said Yuan Yuan Zhou, global business director, Advanced Circuit & Packaging, DuPont.

As the PCB industry rapidly evolves, it faces challenges such as miniaturization, signal integrity, and thermal management for high-speed and high-frequency connectivity. DuPont's comprehensive solutions are designed to address these challenges by advanced materials and chemistry for flex, rigid-flex, rigid PCBs, IC substrate and advanced packaging.

At the exhibition, DuPont experts will share their extensive knowledge and expertise on technological advancements and industry trends. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore DuPont's range of total solutions for the PCB industry, which includes the following product offerings:

DuPont™ Circuposit™ SAP8000 electroless copper is an innovative SAP metallization technology tailored specifically for AI CPU or GPU chip applications. This ionic base catalyst electroless copper process is optimized for advanced packaging, including high-end CPU or GPU, to meet the requirements for low roughness dielectrics and low Dk and Df properties, which are critical for fine line and high-frequency designs.

DuPont™ Microfill™ SFP-II-M acid plating copper is a cutting-edge pattern plating solution, specifically engineered to ensure optimal pattern distribution for large AI chips. Tailored for high-performance computing applications, this novel plating solution delivers consistent pattern distribution across large unit sizes, providing superior performance and reliability.

DuPont™ Riston® DI1600 & DI1600M dry film photoresist are advanced photoresist solutions that enable fine line direct imaging for IC substrate applications. They offer exceptional fine line adhesion and resolution, combined with high-yield performance, making them the ideal choice for advanced IC substrate production.

DuPont™ Solderon™ TS7000 series solder is a SnAg micro bump plating solution, specially formulated for HBM applications. It provides outstanding coplanarity performance, making it the ideal choice for mixed bumps and fine pitch micro-bump applications. Additionally, the BP7000 series can accommodate both soluble and insoluble electrode plating solutions, adding to its versatility.

DuPont™ CYCLOTENE™ 3300 3D encapsulant is a copper-copper hybrid bonding solution designed for next-generation HBM applications. This self-priming material eliminates the need for a separate adhesion promotion process and provides excellent material properties. With good uniformity and filling capability, it enables heterogeneous 3DIC structures that meet customer requirements and fulfill reliability critical to quality specifications.

Laird™ Tpcm™ 7000, a high-performance phase change material, is preferred for AI applications for its excellent thermal performance and long-term reliability even at high temperatures and non-coplanar mating surfaces. It provides solutions for more efficient, longer running, and more secure AI chips that meet the needs of data centers.

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