Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Fiber-Line®

Article | January 4, 2016
Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Fiber-Line®

Personal story submitted by Vince Pappas, founder of Fiber-Line®.

“DuPont™ Kevlar® changed my life by creating a business opportunity that spanned my entire career. My first day on the job at a rope company at the age of 19 a co-worker handed me a short length of a yellow fiber named; "Fiber B" and said; "try and break it". After multiple attempts to no avail, I fell in love. What else can you do with this stuff? That has been my mantra for the last 40 years and finding new applications has been my passion. So much so that I started a company Fiber-Line® to add coatings and finishes to the fiber to make it work better in applications from belts and hoses to fiber optic cables and ropes.


The opportunities are endless and the challenge to replace conventional materials with Kevlar® continues to inspire the same creative juices in me that it did in 1975. I can list hundreds of success stories and thousands of failed attempts but in the end the replacement of conventional materials with Kevlar® has resulted in better situations for many people.

Fiber-line has processed millions of pounds of Kevlar® over the years and our vision for the future is even greater. I am delighted that Stephanie Kwolek had the drive to Dare Bigger and create such an incredible material that began as "Fiber B." To say that Kevlar has impacted my life is an understatement; it has in fact defined my career.”

The Dare Bigger™ brand platform represents inspiration for anyone who relies on the safety and performance of Kevlar®. The science behind this advanced material, coupled with its strength and durability, allows us to push boundaries, defy limits and challenge the conventional. From athletes to astronauts, law enforcement, military, first responders and industrial workers, the Dare Bigger™ campaign under Kevlar® enables anyone with an imagination and a job to do to be inspired.

Visit the Fiber-Line®  website to learn more about the company and their fiber applications.