DuPont de Nemours, Inc. Chemical Management Policy – Substances of Concern


At DuPont, we are committed to ensuring our products are safe and sustainable by design while meeting the needs of our customers and society. As a principle, we seek to avoid, eliminate, or minimize substances of concern (SoC) where safer or more sustainable alternatives exist. We work closely and transparently with our suppliers and customers to integrate safe and sustainable by design principles that deliver value and drive competitiveness. Aligned with our core values of safety, health and protecting the planet, we critically evaluate our operations processes, value chains, and raw materials, continuously improving our methodologies to ensure our products are safe, sustainable and provide societal benefits.

At DuPont, we define a SoC as a substance that is known to have an inherent capacity to cause significant adverse effect on humans or animals, and with known routes of human and/or environmental exposure and are subject to current or future regulatory action (e.g., phthalates, phenols, PFAS, etc.).


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Rev. April 29, 2024