Optical Bonding Services

Turnkey Solutions to Meet Your Optical Bonding Needs

DuPont is an industry leader in optical bonding technology with over 40 years of experience in LCD enhancements.

Using an innovative process that enables high throughput and minimal production time and industry-leading proprietary adhesive, we provide cost-effective bonded displays that provide superior results, even under the most extreme conditions. Working hand-in-hand with customers to custom design and produce high performance DuPont™ Vertak® bonded displays, our specialized engineers offer:

  • Design needs assessment
  • Design and prototype development
  • Product qualification and performance testing
  • Efficient and timely production
  • Uncompromising quality control
  • Supply chain management
  • DuPont technical expertise
  • Superior customer service

Supply Chain Efficiency

Many of our customers have complex supply chain arrangements with multiple manufacturers that span the globe. DuPont maintains state-of-the-art Vertak® bonded display manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China to improve operating efficiencies and provide the best possible supply chain logistics.  Our Shenzhen facilities are devoted to high-volume consumer applications, such as tablet personal computers, notebook PCs, cell phones and handheld devices.

To meet the increased demand by world-class tablet PC manufacturers for this affordable technology, we have more than doubled production capacity and clean room space in this facility since it first opened in 2005.

Features & Benefits:

  • First direct bonding operation in China
  • ISO-certified production facilities and state-of-the-art cleanrooms
  • Automated production for high-volume consumer displays
  • Strategically located for superior supply chain logistics
  • Highly-disciplined operation
  • Improved cost structures