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Product Specifications

Specifications and other information for our aramid intermediates product line are easily obtained by contacting us.

Frequently Asked Technical Questions

  • What is the shelf life of the product?
    The phthaloyl chloride products are stable in the original unopened container for more than 2 years. The phenylenediamine products (OPD and PPD) will remain stable for at least six months, if stored in the original unopened containers at temperatures not exceeding 40°C (104°F). If stored at higher temperatures, or if held beyond the six-month shelf life, these products may darken. Flake product may become lumpy. To ensure maximum shelf life, DuPont takes special precautions to exclude air and moisture when packing drums of MPD, OPD, and PPD.

    What does the "AD" in PPD AD mean?

  • AD means "aniline derived." PPD AD is p-Phenylenediamine derived directly from aniline.

    My OPD, or PPD has turned dark. Can I still use it?

  • In most cases, the product is entirely usable after it has turned dark. Darkening may be apparent even when small amounts of product have been exposed to moisture in the atmosphere and there is no analyzable change in product purity. However, the products should not be used if a strong odor of ammonia is detected, as this indicates product degradation.