Wiper Blades

DuPont™ Wiper Blades in All Weather Conditions

Make DuPont™ Wiper Blades your choice to wipe away Mother Nature’s toughest elements.

The ability to see clearly when driving is a fundamental aspect of vehicle safety. And these wiper blades give you the clear vision you need where a split second can make a difference.

DuPont™ Hybrid Wiper Blades feature the latest technology including:

“Smart Flex” design. This innovation creates a blade that adapts to your windshields shape, providing superior contact across the entire blade.

For clean, clear wipes.

DuPont™ Traditional Wiper Blades  provide long lasting, all season performance for a variety of makes and models. The blade features a fast and easy connector system that makes installing the wiper blades a cinch.

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