Battery Separators

DuPont™ Energain™ battery separators are produced into a web using a proprietary spinning process that creates continuous filaments with diameters between 200 and 1,000 nanometers. Within the batteries, a separator is a sheet positioned between the two electrodes. It functions as a barrier that prevents the electrodes from touching while letting lithium ions pass back and forth to allow the charge and discharge of the battery.

Here are specific areas of battery performance improvement:

High Temperature Stability

  • Low Shrinkage – consistent resistance over time
  • Suitable for high temperature operation
  • Improved abuse tolerance – improved safety

Power and Long Term Performance

  • Improved rate capability (high power) 15-30% improvements
  • Good cycle life (long term stability)
  • Good chemical resistance

Good Wettability

  • Improved ion transfer
  • Production Improvements
  • Better battery life

Batteries containing Energain™ separators can be quickly recharged, deliver improved performance and reduce the number of batteries needed by up to one-third for hybrid vehicles.