High Performance Materials for Electric Cars

Because You Imagined... Custom-Designed High Performance, Right at the Core

Tailored solutions for tomorrow's electric car

High Performance Materials for Electric Cars [Video]

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Tomorrow’s electric car goes well beyond futuristic good looks. DuPont works closely with partners to engineer solutions to the most cutting-edge challenges, right across the spectrum of automobile types: from HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle), EV (Electric Vehicle), LVS-EV (Low Voltage System- Electric Vehicle) to FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle).

It all starts with your vision and needs: to save space, make cars lighter, integrate parts, drive down costs. We custom-design materials and processes to drive that vision and shape the design concept through our novel products.

The result? Custom-designed high performance, right at the core, offering more flexible design, space savings, improved reliability, lower costs, easier manufacturing, and lighter cars.

For general Electric Vehicle types, we give shape to your ideas with a range of innovations, including:

  • xEV connectors between the motor, inverter and battery: smaller, lighter parts and lower creepage with DuPont™ Crastin® resin and DuPont™ Zytel® HTN resin
  • High voltage cables both built into cars and supplying power externally: better resistance to temperatures, chemicals, and wear-and-tear, cost-efficiency, and ease of assembly and handling with DuPont™ Vamac® elastomer
  • xEV battery seals: better sealing, cost-efficiency, and design freedom with DuPont™ Zytel® 66GR resin and Laser Transmittant Welding technology
  • Doors and battery cases: significant weight reduction with DuPont™ Vizilon™ thermoplastic composite
  • Motor and inverter applications that require better CTI and toughness than with PPS: better performance and cost-efficiency with Zytel® HTN resin

For both general EV, plus HEV and LVS-EV systems with conventional engines, here’s how DuPont gives shape to ideas:

  • Air and LLC ducting: Better integrated parts, higher reliability and lower costs with Zytel® 66GR/HTN/LCPA resins and 3D blow molding technology.

And for HEV and LVS-EV systems:

  • Engine head covers: Better resistance to rays during processing and greater design freedom with Zytel® 66GR resin and Laser Transmittant Welding technology

This is where advanced engineering, know-how, and collaborative partnerships meet pure performance.

Because You Imagined... custom-designed high performance, right at the core.

Giving Shape to Smart Ideas. That’s what DuPont can do with you.