Battery Solutions


New designs and trends in EV battery packs create enormous challenges and opportunities

Our product portfolio includes innovative solutions that  can make battery modules more durable, safer, and able to go longer between charges.

We collaborate with our customers from concept to commercialization to develop the solutions they need to meet their most challenging issues.


DuPont solutions help improve EV battery durability, performance, and manufacturing

Whether you need to improve a battery’s crash stability, thermal management performance, weight reduction, or safety, we can help. Our team includes dedicated researchers, engineers, and product specialists to help with everything from concept design to performance testing.

DuPont innovations extend to manufacturing as well. New adhesive formulations allow for the reduction or elimination of solvents and hazardous plasticizers through primer-free and phthalate-free technologies. By aligning with our sustainability goals, we help customers align with theirs.



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Thermal management

Our materials enable design of EV batteries that are safer, more durable, and can go the distance.

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Battery assembly

Polyurethane, epoxy, and thermal conductive adhesives bond multiple substrates.

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Battery disassembly & repair

Adhesive formulations enable the repair of metal, plastic, and composite body panels and joints to keep cars looking and performing in top shape


Centers of Excellence

We can help advance your EV design and manufacturing

Teams at our global Centers of Excellence for Automotive Electrification have the expertise to identify and create solutions for your most challenging battery applications.

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